Founded in 1999 in Hong Kong as the first NEUTRAL colocation provider for voice carriers, HKCOLO is now the LARGEST in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China as well as in the region. HKCOLO is presently serving 300+ active players in Hong Kong and has a Meet-Me-Room for all in the region.

With the Meet-Me-Room and cabling facilities, HKCOLO is the place to do business and the place for carriers to interconnect with each other.


HKCOLO has accomplished the first mission to become the Meet-Me-Place for voice carriers in the region. HKCOLO has achieved a healthy financial status to support long-term commitments to serve the industry.


To become the "Network-Access-Point" for carriers in the region

To provide a level playing field for all

To be the Gateway to China and Asia for overseas carriers

To seek further strategic alliances with most major colocation centers in the world

To provide a means for carriers among the major centers operated by our partners to cross-connect


HKCOLO provides all the basic colocation services together with Managed IP backbone, Managed IP Transit, IP Gear leasing and Voice Switch leasing. Other than these traditional services, HKCOLO also provides Investment Consultancy Service and Management Consultancy Services in the Region.


Formerly known as CRG West telx of 60 Hudson, New York, USA
Company address:
8/F, Sino Favour Centre,
1 On Yip Street, Chaiwan,
Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2187 3088
Fax: (852) 2563 8246
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