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Strategic Alliance between CRG West and HKCOLO

CRG West (OneWilshire, Los Angeles) and HKCOLO (Sino Favour Centre, Hong Kong Special Administration Region) jointly declare forging a strategic alliance on December 8, 2004. The two allies, in different hemispheres, realize each other as the local market leader in colocation business, and each is indispensable for their residing carriers in the telecom market. Under this strategic alliance, CRG West and HKCOLO will explore their common interests, commission projects and undertake missions beneficial to the colocation clients they are serving.

"HKCOLO is the market leader in the Asia Region," says Timothy Doherty, Managing Director of CRG West. "We believe there exists an unlimited amount of possibilities that can be explored between our companies, our clients as well as those carriers with interests in exploring or expanding their business in our respective sites. Together, our sites cover most of the carriers in Asia, the West and East coast of North America and South America. What we are going to explore will result in a win-win situation among CRG West, HKCOLO and carriers in all sites."

"One Wilshire, the flag ship of CRG West, is the most dominate carrier hotel located on the West coast of United States. Coupled with CRG West's other assets, Market Post Tower in San Jose California, and 1275 K, located in Washington DC. HKCOLO has a unique opportunity to solidify and ever-expanding market presence” says Mr. Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of HKCOLO. "We are thrilled to expand opportunities for our customers to grow their businesses through such an alliance. This alliance will benefit the telecom industry in Hong Kong as a whole as it would put carriers in here in direct contacts with those in the major hubs in the world."

CRG West

CRG West, an operating partner of The Carlyle Group, CRG West was formed in 2001 to oversee and enhance strategic telecom assets managed by Carlyle Realty Group. The One Wilshire Building and Market Post Tower (San Jose, California), home of MAE West, and our newest asset, one of the few premier telecom assets in Washington DC, 1275 K street, are three core assets under CRG West management. The CRG West team combines extensive telecommunications, network planning, meet me room development and operations experience with astute real estate development and management practices to serve One Wilshire carrier customers and office tenants.


HKCOLO, is a leading neutral colocation service provider in Hong Kong SAR, China, where more than 160 carriers – including voice carriers, VoIP carriers and ISPs - from all over Asia and different continentals are residing for trading, mutual opportunities and benefits. HKCOLO is located in Sino Favour Centre and occupies some 50,000 square foot and serving tenants there.

December 8, 2004