telx and HKCOLO Announce a Strategic Alliance

To Further Enhance Asia & America Interconnectivity

January 12, 2005 (New York, NY & Hong Kong, China) - telx and HKCOLO, two neutral colocation and network interconnection providers, are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic alliance.telx's New York facilities, with over 180 network providers, and HKCOLO's Hong Kong facilities, serving over 160 network carriers, are aligning their superior customer support and respective marketplaces to further strengthen trans-Pacific and global communications networks. The alliance's goal is to help foster strategic business opportunities between US, Chinese and international carriers, and to further expand the potential for new business, technology and services. Both carriers and large network enterprise customers in the respective sites will no longer need to establish a physical PoP (Point of Presence) overseas to interconnect to others in a different hemisphere.

"HKCOLO is pleased to be in alliance with telx," proclaims Mr. SH Cheng, Chief Executive Officer of HKCOLO. "The alliance unifies two leading interconnection facilities into one and brings huge connectivity opportunities to those residing in the two facilities. Under this agreement, carriers with different technologies in the two sites will reap the benefit of new business opportunities by realizing that their potential partners expanded many fold. It is an award to all in the industry after HKCOLO's quest for a leading partner in the East Coast of the United States and telx's quest for a leading partner in Asia. We look forward to a successful partnership and will continue to look for other opportunities with our partners."

"telx is pleased to participate in a strategic alliance with HKCOLO," states Hunter Newby, Chief Strategy Officer of telx. "This is a joint- initiative between the two interconnection facilities to market and promote telecommunications routes across continents, from Hong Kong to New York City. This effort is to increase the communication infrastructure between Asia and America, and to further increase the spread of next-generation technology and support. This alliance between telx and HKCOLO is a sign of the future: alliances between layer one interconnection facilities as a means to join together to equally promote their most accessible routes to their combined customer and industry base. We look forward to the success of this joint-agreement and heartily welcome HKCOLO to the telx partnership program.


HKCOLO is a leading colocation service provider in Hong Kong and situated in Sino Favour Center, Hong Kong SAR, China, where many carriers - including voice carriers, VoIP carriers and ISPs - from all over Asia and different continents are residing for trading, mutual opportunities and benefits. HKCOLO occupies some 50,000 square foot and is serving 160+ carriers there. Other than being a colocation provider, HKCOLO provides consultancy service to carriers who would like to go into China ventures and management consultancy service to carriers who look for high caliber executives in Hong Kong and China. HKCOLO is a privately held company, headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, China.

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About telx

telx is the internationally recognized, premier operator of telecom "meet-me" network interconnection facilities. The telx facilities are considered two of the most densely populated "core" interconnect sites in North America. More than 200 networks physically converge within telx's New York City facility, and more than 80 networks physically converge within its Atlanta facility. Often described as a "marketplace" for network services, telx actively promotes, encourages, and facilitates telecom business opportunities between and among its carrier and enterprise customers. telx customers report higher revenue, greater profit margins, and lower costs from their telx based network operations. Known for its "best of class" facilities and customer support services,telxcontinues to enjoy industry leading growth, expansion, and profitability. telx is a privately held company, headquartered in New York City, USA.

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