Mr. Achintha Madhumadhawa,
International Data Services
Dialog Axiata PLC

“From 2008 I’ve been attached to Dialog Axiata PLC where my entire focus is extended to International Bandwidth Services and its commercial operations.

My career in the telecommunications industry commenced with Lanka Bell Pvt. Ltd. in 2004 with the Switching Operations Division. I handled routing functions and other routines tasks related to Lanka Bell’s switching systems. Thereafter, I moved to Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd. (SLT) in 2005 undertaking International Wholesale Voice functions. My responsibilities at SLT included handing international operator partnerships, rate negotiations and least cost routines (LCR). Apart from that during the latter part of my tenure at SLT, I also handled international data services.” Any parties who are interested in Dialog Axiata's bandwidth services, please email:

Services in Multiplicity
Dialog Axiata commenced its journey of Sri Lanka in 1995. Dialog Axiata offers 2.5G, 3 and 3.5G mobile telecommunication services, CDMA-based fixed-telephony services, broadband internet, domestic data services, direct-to-home satellite television services, IDD, Roaming, wholesale voice and international bandwidth services.

Dialog IPLC service is able to connect with every international submarine cable that comes to Sri Lanka. They have IRU capacity on both SEA-ME-WE3 & SEA-ME-WE4 and are able to lease capacity on FLAG cable, Bharath-Lanka cable and DS cable to Dhiraagu-Maldives.

“In addition, Dialog Axiata is capable of interconnecting any of the above cable systems, so if there is a transit IPLC requirement, such as FLAG+SMW, FLAG+DS or SMW+DS, we can easily facilitate this connection.
IPLC’s need redundancy, and Dialog Axiata can cater to this area by providing a secondary IPLC to your existing customers with a redundant cable system, and a last mile that provide your customers with a fully redundant IPLC service.” Achintha says.

MPLS network to create new opportunity

As a result of its partnership with Telekom Malaysia and PCCW Global, Dialog Axiata can provide Global IPVPN services to any part of the world. Besides, Dialog Axiata has the widest domestic MPLS network coverage enabling their customers to connect almost all the main cities in Sri Lanka.

As Dialog Axiata has the widest MPLS domestic coverage in Sri Lanka. It provides last mile access via Wireless technologies (eg: WiMAX, UBWA) to any location in the country. A robust Metro Ethernet fiber project presents in Colombo and suburb areas and its state-of-the-art fiber optic connectivity to the customer premises and diversified last mile solutions with copper, wireless and fiber options.

“There are advantages of using Dialog’s services. First, it is able to provide customized voice and data solutions for any scale of business in Sri Lanka. Second, it is a total ICT provider introducing cutting edge technology to BPOs, Banks, IT companies and other key sectors in Sri Lanka. Third, considerable investments into major cable systems (SEA-ME-WE 3 and SEA-ME-WE 4) have enabled Dialog Axiata to cater into major bandwidth requirements around the globe. Fourth, an uninterrupted 24/7 connectivity with a seamless global network built in partnership with major telecommunications service providers. Last but not least, it has points of presence in major co-locations in London, Singapore and Hong Kong and 24/7 International Network Operations.” Achintha replies.

Keys to Success
Being asked how Dialog Axiata became successful in its business and lead the communications revolution in Asia, Achintha believes it is a good way of collaborating with influential operators who wish to provide international data services to Sri Lanka. Constant innovation, customer-oriented products and services and dedicated professional staff with competitive marketing strategies are all keys to be Sri Lanka’s leading telecommunications service provider.

Up to now, Dialog Axiata is the first quadruple play telecommunications operator in Sri Lanka, the first telco in South Asia to launch HSPA and the latest upgrades in mobile broadband and the first mobile operator in the country to extend its GSM and 3G network to the newly-liberated areas. Now, it is continuing to grow with the largest 3G/3.5G Network in the country and it gains ISO 9001 for Research and Development, mobile telephony services and after sales.

Dialog’s future plan
Achintha expects Dialog’s Hong Kong PoP could cater to the tremendous growth in voice and data services in Sri Lanka, fulfill the increasing bandwidth requirements of Multinational companies and other foreign establishments commencing business operations in Sri Lanka and utilizing the Hong Kong PoP to provide cost effective solutions to the enterprise customer base.

In the future, Dialog Axiata would like to partner with leading international data and voice carriers and expanding Dialog’s presence and connecting destinations beyond Dialog’s reach. Moreover, diversify and expand voice interconnections and provide data service between Hong Kong and Sri Lanka at a competitive rate in the market.