The first data center certified by TIA-942 as Rated 4/Tier 4
in the financial region spanning across
China, Japan, Korea and Singapore

Founded in 1999

HKCOLO is one of the leading Neutral Colocation Service providers in the Asia Pacific region. It operates its Carrier Colocation Center in Hong Kong. HKCOLO also operates the most carrier–dense Meet-Me-Room in the region; it is the network gateway to China, Asia, Europe and America comprising networks of multiple hundreds of customers connecting and cross connecting in our neutral facility. HKCOLO provides space, power, and access to local and overseas service providers, including long-haul connectivity.

In 2010 HKCOLO acquired the Cloud Computing Complex facility in Tseung Kwan O. This facility serves Cloud Computing Companies, Financial Institutions, Enterprises, Application and Hosting Service Providers, Telecom Carriers, Internet Content and Service Providers and Infrastructure Providers.

HKCOLO maintains strategic partnerships with various other Leading international Data centers across the world. Our comprehensive services and strategic partnerships provide us unparalleled advantages to serve and deliver innovative and quality service solutions to our customers. Hong Kong is one of the world’s major international finance hubs where data protection, data privacy and IT security holds paramount importance accordingly, it is considered among the most advanced standards in the world. HKCOLO looks ahead with enterprise and innovation, bringing new ideas, linking and leading with advanced methodologies to the Communications Industry.

With its pedigree of experience and know-how, HKCOLO is “Among the best, if not the best Neutral Colocation Service Provider Bridging the Asia Pacific Region!” We believe, “We Are More than Just a Facility”.

Vision and Mission

Provide premium collocation and data center services, where users demand a highly secure, professional business friendly environment.

Cater to the client expectations for an excellent service; improve business continuity by having multiple physical, electrical, signal and asset redundancies.

Meet the expectation of a Tier-3+ data center with many more additional services in which to improve client’s business continuity.

Deliver a highly and trusted reliable support at any given time for a worry free business flow.

Making business choices easy by providing a pool of local and international carriers where direct connections are possible and we will make this happen.

Be a gateway to China and Asia for overseas carriers and to be able to provide a level playing field for all.

Management Team

William Wai | Senior Vice President

"HKCOLO is not only a place for clients to host their facilities within our center, but also a place for clients to associate with other clients to explore new business opportunities……"

BA (Hons) and Master of Social Sciences from Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong respectively. William joined HKCOLO in 2003.
Throughout his career William has developed a broad experience base covering Culture & Education, Media, Entertainment Production, Consultancy, and IT. He has been engaged in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry since the 90s working for international telecommunications companies and data centre services.

Helina Wong | Operation Director

"HKCOLO is ready to serve our customers in all aspects and will strive to continue improving in order to meet the changing environment and customer demands……"

Helina joined HKCOLO in 2000 and now serves as the company’s Operation Director. Helina oversees the Operations and Administration teams, leading a strong group of client service professionals who bring the highest level of service to clients. She has built up strong alliances with clients and dedicates her time and resources to bolstering client satisfaction. In addition to managing the overall operations of HKCOLO, she is also actively involved in corporate governance and development planning and works diligently to maintain a high level of excellence across each department.

Billy Leung | Chief Financial Officer

"HKCOLO will continue to expand its partnerships to strengthen its business. With our dedicated people and determination, I believe we can become an international company worldwide."

Billy is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in the United Kingdom. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and has extensive experience in finance, accounting and company secretarial functions. He worked for several companies as financial controller which are listed in main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited

Jack Tse | Vice President - Project Management

"In respect to our certification as the only Tier 4 data center in Hong Kong, I have faith that HKCOLO will have a bright future and maintain the highest standard for data centers."

Jack is assigned as Project Management. With over 20 years experience in data centre industry, he has significant experience in data center project management. He possesses deep knowledge of data center planning, design, testing, commissioning, cost analysis, construction and maintenance.

Social Responsibility


  • HKCOLO loves and concerns our planet. We adopt environment-friendly operations in our site
  • Switch off idle IT equipment or unmanned monitors
  • Shut down unnecessary cooling equipment
  • No office lightings and air-conditioning in lunch time
  • Recycle wasted materials (including paper, plastic bottle and metallic can)
  • Double side printing


  • HKCOLO respects fundamental human rights and strives to ensure hiring free of discrimination based on race, skin color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, age, physical or mental disability, or genetic traits
  • Provide safe, healthy and friendly working environment
  • Building a bridge between the company and employee by having a open communication line for any concern


  • HKCOLO offers an industrial attachment project to the students of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, providing a chance for the students to learn more outside the campus and gain some working experience before their graduation. It is also useful to arouse their interest in working in the IDC or telecommunication industries in the future
  • Occasionally, we do provide certain kind of training to different institution and organization, including the government departments, aiming to let them have a better understanding if IDC and how to choose an ideal IDC
  • And to made the participants and the audience believe Hong Kong is the most ideal place for them to host their equipment and to store their data
  • Every year, we will also be invited to attend some recruitment talk. We will make use of those opportunities to attract fresh graduates to join the IDC/ Telecommunication industry