Connectivity Solutions


Cross Connect

It is an organized approach to a traditional point to point cabling network. It handles all physical network infrastructure connectivity throughout the data center.

Demuxing Service

Hassle free and cost efficient of setting up a node at Hong Kong using the demuxing service at any destination throughout the globe.


Internet service availability from different service provider including HKIX. HKIX is a neutral and professional layer-two settlement-free Internet exchange point based in Hong Kong for faster and cheaper interconnections among different networks on Internet.

Intersite Connectivity

We use the best connection service which is TKO Express provided by Superloop to provide our intersite connection between our sites in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. It guarantees a top-speed and reliable connections. Our customers can be benefited if they are using both of our data centers as one can be a production site and the other can be a recovery site.

Cloud Link

For companies that need secure, reliable access to one or more leading public cloud services, Telehouse Cloud Link, a multi-cloud network provisioning service, delivers a private connection with predictable and scalable bandwidth between their network and cloud services.

Internet Access

HKCOLO is a neutral data center. We provide local and international internet bandwidth to our customers. Different Tier 1 carriers can be chosen in our sites. Customers can choose the services providers and best routing as per their needs. We also provide high quality Internet Service with premium China access for enterprises.